Nomad: Designing a Home For Escape and Adventure

An interesting new book by Emma Reddington with photos by Sian Richards aims to chronicle 26 off-grid homes and the people who live in them "from vanlifers to boondockers, liveaboards to tiny-house dwellers". There are more than 400 photographs, plenty of practical advice, and a survey of useful products for small spaces. Here's what the publishers say about it:
A reclusive designer living in a custom tiny house in the middle of the Montana wilderness. A couple who traded their expensive Bay Area apartment for a slip at a nearby marina, where they live on a docked sailboat. A family of five who decided to simplify their lives by moving into a school bus, selling most of their possessions in the process. Nomad features their stories, and many more. These freedom seekers have forged a new way of life for themselves—one that values experiences over things, is environmentally conscious, and is often more budget-friendly than their “rooted” lives ever were.
There's a nice interview witih Emma in the Irish Examiner.