Hutters' Rally 2020: Making Huts Happen

Reforesting Scotland's Thousand Huts campaign is running a Hutters’ Rally for hutters, prospective hutters, landowners and prospective hut site developers. Here's what they say about it:
The Hutters' Rally 2020 will have one of the key barriers as its core theme: Access to land. Hutting can be a wonderful opportunity for both landowners/managers and hutters. This event is designed to bring hutters and landowners together help kickstart a new wave of hutting opportunities. Throughout the day there will be workshops, question and answer sessions, presentations and face-to-face support for those wanting to have their own hut or to develop a hut site. We will be doing our best to connect people with the services, advice, skills and contacts they need to make their hutting dreams reality.
The event will include a Hutters Trade Fair, with stalls where participants can access products, services, knowledge and contacts to help them achieve their dream of a hut in the wood. There will be keynote speakers on land issues, plus a panel taking questions and answers on how to set up a hut site. The afternoon will be filled with a choice of sessions on everything from hut construction, affordable hutting and hut site economics to planning permission and negotiating leases.
More details and how to book here.