Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big

Another one for the bookshelf, Tiny House just out from Ebury Press, has been put together by Brent Heavener who runs the @tinyhouse instagram feed. It's excellently illustrated and really nicely designed, strongly recommended. Here's the bumph from the publisher
Having less is the secret to living more. Whether you’ve been dreaming about a treehouse in the wilderness of Montana, or a remote eco-cabin in Patagonia or Australia; driving a campervan on the open roads of Quebec, or floating on a houseboat in Sweden – find escape, inspiration and a window into a freer, simpler, happier kind of life. In this visual manifesto for the tiny house lifestyle, discover over 250 awe-inspiring images of the world’s most creative small homes, alongside the stories, ideas and advice of those living in them.
There's a nice gallery of images from the book at the Standard.