Shipping container micro homes lined up for Aylesbury

FBM Architects have won planning consent for a tiny home residential scheme for the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust in Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury. When finished, it will feature seven low-cost homes built using converted shipping containers on an under-used garage site. Here's what FBM say about it:
The colourful scheme compliments local modern architecture such as the nearby Serpentine project. Landscaping includes grassed areas, semi-mature trees and sedum roofs – these combine to provide sustainable urban drainage and to enhance local ecology. The use of linear block paving set-out in strong geometric shapes, plus coloured tarmac to the homezone road and parking bays lifts the development above standard black tarmac – giving the scheme a distinct identity.
The one-bedroom tiny homes which will be rented out as social housing or student accommodation will have green roofs and will each be 26.2-square-metre, built together as a stepped terrace with a private deck area in front of each one. The linear pattern is repeated inside with living room and kitchen at the front followed by a bathroom and then a bedroom at the back.


  1. I would love to explore these container homes. It must be so good to live in these tiny containers. This could have bundled with lot more luxuries.


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