'Great big lessons from the Tiny House Movement'

An interesting article in the Irish Independent by Mark Keenan takes a general look at tiny houses with an Irish angle. Here's a snippet:
There's no reason why we can't build quality ultra-affordable homes here from those same 'tiny home' materials. Irish architect Dominic Stevens did exactly this when he built his own house in Leitrim, a 600 sq ft abode (equivalent to a two-up two-down terrace) for €25,000. He proved that it is wholly possible for an Irish family to live mortgage- and rent-free in a house they own, and for the price of a mid-range family car. Add €125,000 for a small Dublin house site and that's a three-bed city house of 600 sq ft for €150,000. That's €200,000 cheaper than a new city starter today. And it really is 100pc possible.
 Image courtesy Tiny House UK