Is the tiny house movement the solution to unaffordable housing in the UK?

An interesting article in the i newspaper about tiny homes by Vicky Spratt which features interviews with three tiny house owners in Berkshire, Cornwall, and near Milton Keynes. Here's a snippet:
The number of people in their 40s who rent has doubled. Flaviana [pictured above] sees living in a tiny house as a long-term lifestyle choice, not just a temporary fix to the housing crisis. “So many people want to live alone but can’t afford to – this is a great way to make that happen. In a house share, you don’t have control over your environment, your housemates and how they behave – it’s cheaper to live in a tiny house and you can live how you like.” The amount spent by Flaviana on her tiny home is close to the average deposit put down by a first-time buyer today. And, while she’s happy with her set up, her home is unlikely to go up in value in the same way a conventional house or flat would. She might also struggle to sell it on should she need to.
Well worth a read.