'SNUG' homes get green light in Bristol

Bristol City Council, against the advice of their own planners, have given a unanimous thumbs up to a new scheme which could see tiny homes becoming widespread. The three one-bedroom prefab 'SNUG homes' are the work of mouldbreaking developers Ecomotive which hopes that these first builds will pave the way for future low impact, affordable housing in the city.

The three homes will be a part conversion of an existing two-storey Victorian house into two flats, while the third will be a prefabricated tiny home in the back garden, the three ranging from 37sqm to 44sqm. Each has a small space of grass and patio. According to Ecomotive:
"The committee recognised that as a city, bold decisions needed to be made to support innovative housing projects that could help towards addressing the chronic housing crisis. The outcome of the decision to grant planning permission for the SNUG now unlocks the next phase in the development.  A small site in Lockleaze in Bristol will be leased from the city council to create a pop-up fabrication and training space."
Ecomotive's prefab process means that while there will be a basic model, customers will be able to choose different types of finishing and internal options.