Green light for rooftop homes in London

We reported last year on the possibility of tiny homes being built on top of rooftops in London and Communities Secretary James Brokenshire has now announced at the London First Building Summit that proposals are in place to achieve just that.

The homes will be built on London rooftops by the summer after Homes England agreed a £9 million funding deal with Apex Airspace Developments. The properties – which will be built on five sites across the capital, Tooting, Wanstead, Walthamstow, Putney and Wallington – are largely constructed off site before being winched on top of buildings, hopefully minimising disruption to residents.

The first of the homes will be completed by the summer and in total 78 rooftop homes will be built under the three year deal.

Apex is a pioneer of ’airspace’ development where unused airspace above residential, commercial and public buildings is used as a location for new homes. The company expects the first three sites, making up 32 homes, to be ready by summer 2019. They will then be priced within the Help to Buy threshold to help support more people into home ownership.

Image: Didden Village, Rotterdam, a rooftop house complex from MVRDV