Turning a tour bus into a mobile homeless shelter

The skoolie trend in America of turning school buses into mobile homes has not really taken off over here in the UK. But here is an interesting story in the Guardian about how one tour bus in Manchester used by the likes of Tinie Tempah, David Guetta, Mumford & Sons, and Sam Smith, has been converted into a mobile homeless shelter (though not without some controversy as the article explains). The Embassy Bus has not actually undergone a massive change - the lilac faux-suede ceiling is still in place and there is still a champagne fridge (though used now for milk). Here's a snippet:
To qualify for a berth, guests must be male and over 26. “That’s the group that seems to make up the bulk of homeless people and they are the ones who tend to get stuck in the slow lane when it comes to rehousing,” said Williams. They will all be referred by their key workers who consider them ready for housing and largely in control of any addictions or mental health issues. The idea is for Embassy to be a stopgap of two to three months, while guests are helped to apply for ID documents, to make and keep appointments with GPs or the council, and to fill in forms.