Knaphouse is a brand new supplier in the tiny homes market, available in both off-grid and on-grid options. It comes as a standalone 'Knap' module built out of modified timber but can easily be linked to other modules for a larger space. The whole thing can be placed in a day using a removable foundation system.

Each Knap is a total of 55.6 sq. metre, 41.2 sq/m (with a 3.65m internal  ceiling height) plus a 14.5 sq/m mezzanine. Off grid extras include solar panels, a pellet burner, rainwater and septic tank storage built into the chassis, and a water thermal recovery system (a full rundown of their sustainability credentials is here).

Interestingly they say that "We soon aim to get a mortgage lender on board to lend at competitive rates specifically to Knaphouse buyers".