The Conker

The ‘Conker’ (more images at the link) is the brainchild of Cheshire-based engineer Jag Virdie and will appeal to anybody who also enjoys the sheditecture of the Archipod. Made of aluminium and recycled plastic, it has a 3.9m diameter and  floor area of 10m2 and according to Jag can be set up in a single day. No traditional foundations are needed and separate individual Conkers can be slotted together to extend the space to make room for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. The first two orders are to be used as glamping pods.

Here's what he says about the project (which was inspired by a spherical treehouse he built some years ago for his children):
"My engineering perspective was further enhanced through a desire to give my children ‘hands on’ practical experience, culminating in building wooden sea kayaks and a spherical tree house. The Conker™ was born in 2015 through the knowledge that a garden building should be aerodynamic, strong and versatile. I envisaged a contemporary, state of the art, desirable environment which could be adapted and personalised. A sphere was an obvious choice and a full-size prototype was built, realising my aspirations."
It's not yet on the market, although you can get an early glimpse of it at The Glamping Show in Warwickshire which runs September 20-22.