The Modern House Bus

Kimberley Mok writes extensively and intelligently about tiny homes in various places but is perhaps best known to readers for her posts on Treehugger. In her latest book published by Countryman Press, she looks at a dozen examples of the 'skoolie' genre, school buses converted into homes which, as she puts it, "take the tiny house adventure one step further. Reborn as cozy homes, these retired school buses are ready to hit the road. And unlike the bohemian house buses of 1960s counterculture, many of today’s conversions adhere to a contemporary aesthetic of sleek minimalism". Here's a snippet from the publishers:
These are families following a new American dream that values financial freedom over square footage, adventure over manicured lawns. Designed to fit the owner’s lifestyle and needs, the conversions are filled with inventive architectural details, creative materials, and unique style. Filled with photographs of the buses and their breathtaking surroundings and ideas space-saving hacks, this is a book for aspiring bus-owners and armchair adventurers alike.
 It's available in the UK from the middle of September.