Production of shipping container homes to start in Sheffield later this year

Sheffield-based REACH Homes is a not-for-profit business planning to convert shipping containers into homes in the city (pictured above). Now, the Sheffield Star is reporting that plans to build at least 600 of these tiny homes - starting from £35,000 - could move into the production stage this winter with REACH talking to the city council about various prospective sites. Here's a snippet:
"Its founder Jon Johnson believes such 'off-site' homes, which are built in a factory before being moved into place, are the solution to the affordable housing 'crisis' which is pricing many people out of the property market. Not only are they cheaper and quicker to build than traditional housing stock, he argues, they are constructed largely from recycled materials and can generate most of their own energy via solar panels, making them a much more environmentally friendly option."
More at the Sheffield Star site here.