Tiny houses and the UK housing crisis

Interesting to see that two of the bestselling newspapers in the UK have latched onto the Kokosing tiny home from Modern Tiny Living which ships over here from the USA. The Daily Mail headline is 'Is a shed on wheels the answer to Britain's housing crisis?' Here's what they say:
With UK house prices spiralling and people struggling to get on the property ladder, solutions are being sought in all manner of strange places. Now one US firm believes it has come up with the answer: a tiny 256sq ft home on wheels dubbed the 'Kokosing'. For £60,000, buyers get a 32-inch flat screen HD TV, washer/dryer unit and plenty of storage room hidden in the living room flooring and in the stairway.
 The Sun's article says it is going 'Inside the UK’s most liveable tiny house' and quotes its designer Robert Hendricks:
“The tiny house experience is about reconnecting with what matters most, and by limiting our space it forces us not to distract ourselves with stuff but rather engage with what we have."