Smallest detached house in the UK: Thimble Hall, Derbyshire

Thimble Hall in Youlgreave is an 18th century one-up, one-down cottage - joined by a ladder - and the UK's smallest detached house (checked by the Guinness Book of Records) at 3.6m by 3.1m and 3.7m high. There's no kitchen or bathroom. Or running water.

A Grade II-listed limestone building and a flag-tiled roof, it was last inhabited in the 1930s by a family of eight then bought by Chesterfield ice-cream king Bruno Frederick in 1999 who outbid Uri Geller to win it at auction. The current plan is to turn it into a kind of thimble museum and local arts and crafts gallery, as well as a boutique hotel.


  1. "by a family of eight" -- WHAT?! They would be stacked in like firewood!


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