Glamping offshoot of the growing tiny house movement

We've mentioned Tiny Homes Holidays before, but there's a nice piece in the Guardian about them this week too. Here's a snippet:
Now holidaymakers can get a taste of the tiny lifestyle, too. For Helen and Frazer Cunningham, founders of Tiny Homes Holidays, where we were staying, it is the logical next step in glamping. The Cunninghams started one of the UK’s first glampsites, Vintage Vacations, near Ryde in 2004. Their retro Airstream vans are still hugely popular but the van business is seasonal – whereas tiny homes can be used year-round. And unlike other glamping options – yurts, shepherd’s huts, treehouses – the tinies are proper houses, with foundations. Their diminutive homes, which were designed by Fraser’s architect brother Keith, are also sustainable, with solar panels, composting toilets, water recycling and natural filtration. The couple are aiming to make the site plastic-free, too.