Vansformation is a useful site run by Faith 'Feta' Brown which provides "Inspiration and practical information about converting vans into creative spaces for travel, work and living". There are biweekly podcasts including interviews with van self-builders including Tim Brassey whose Skoolie school bus conversion appeared on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces programme (and see below for the latest on upholstery with Cat Large). There are also weekly blog posts on a variety of subjects ranging from practical tips such as 'Airplane interior design lessons for campervan selfbuilders' to the philosophy of vanlife,

In addition, Faith is putting together a 'Vansformation Journey Roadmap'. This is how she describes it:
We are working on a resource to get you through the van conversion hurdles so you can have a successfully finished campervan you enjoy. There will be practical tips on design, building furniture, insulating, plumbing, 12 v and solar powered electrics and meeting the inevitable challenges on the way.