The ‘graddy annexe’

An interesting and short article by Homa Khaleeli in the Guardian looks at the growth in what she calls 'graddy annexes', tiny homes built by parents to accommodate their 'boomerang' graduate children. Here's a snippet:
According to reports, the number of homes with an annexe for family members has jumped by a third in the past two year... The new “graddy flats” cost around £20,000 – which drops if it is a garage conversion - but some families are forking out much more for their intergenerational living. Felix Bolger, managing director of Homelodge [pictured above], specialises in building self-contained “granny annexes”. His company has seen a 20% increase in inquiries from “parents wanting to help their children get a foot on the property ladder” – even though its bedsit-style lodges start at around £40,000. For £50,000 you can have a separate bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. When the children have finally saved enough to move out, then you’ve got your own guest annexe or gym.