Ode to the women's abode

Stephanie Wiltshire lives in a horse-drawn wagon (there's an excellent interview with her on The Wayward Home) and is planning an interesting work called 'An ode to the women's abode'. Here's how she describes it:
"A collection of filmed interviews and photographs, documenting and giving a stage to the stories, new and old, from women that have stepped off the road most trodden and created their own. I will be travelling from location to location in my horse drawn gypsy wagon with the focus of the documentary being on homes that have been made in unusual spaces, from canal boats to tree houses and yurts to fire engines."
She says that the aim is to "prove that small living doesn't eradicate luxury and comfort and to show that you don't need a vast wealth of building knowledge to convert or create your own dream home".

Stephanie has set up a gofundme page to help pay for a video camera and a small projecting unit. The final work will be shown at festivals and at talks where she will use the side of her wagon as a screen to project onto.

You can read more about the plans and related stories at the project's Facebook page and there are details about how to fund her at the gofundme page.