Living in a van: VWfulltimevanlifeuk

If you're considering making a van your tiny home, there is a useful ongoing series of videos by VWfulltimevanlifeuk on YouTube covering everything from surviving snow, dealing with flat batteries, and how to shower, as well as surfing and Christmas. It's mainly focused on vanlife around North Devon.

Also well worth a look if this idea appeals to you is 'Meet the young women beating the housing crisis by living in a van' on The Debrief. Here's a snippet:
Meet Abby. She's 25, from Oxfordshire and saved over £26,000 by living in a van for 18 months. That could pay off a good chunk of student loan or go towards a house deposit. Abby's planning to spend it on a round-the-world trip for the next 5 years with her partner in their very own bespoke campervan.
And there's a constant stream of #vanlife postings on Twitter and Instagram.