How To Build A Camper ebook

Of potential interest to some readers, this is the latest publication from Van Clan which is "building a community of campervan lovers and travel addicts".  The book is by full time van lifers Seb and Rose and costs £4.99 - you can buy it here and here's the publicity bumph:
Have you ever dreamed of creating your own home on wheels? Are you tempted to convert your own camper? If the answer is yes then we're here to help! We have produced the ultimate guide to help you convert your campervan into your dream home! This E-Book contains over 170 pages of guidance, inspiration and tips on how you can do just that in a matter of weeks. The book will take you on a step by step journey through all of the stages necessary to convert a panel van into a camper that you can live in comfortably. A few things we cover:
  • How To Spot A Good Starter Van
  • What Equiptment You Will Need
  • Installing The Electrics
  • Creating A Bed
  • Installing Solar Panels
  • Building Your Kitchen
  • Fitting a wood burning stove