Trailer: a self built relocatable £20K house

This tiny home with a floor area of 40m2 is designed and built by Invisible Studio using materials gathered from construction waste - all the joinery including the staircases are plywood offcuts - and locally grown unseasoned timber. The goal was to come up with a low cost and useable space that a self builder could build as a kit.

It's designed to be transportable on roads thanks to a removable wheeled trailer which can be removed from the corrugated fibreglass and steel chassis. Here's what they say about it:
High levels of natural light are provided by both gable ends which are ‘glazed’ with high performance interlocking polycarbonate. The building is insulated with scavenged insulation, the doors were sourced from a skip, and the roof lights were ‘damaged’ and thus trade ‘seconds’.

The timber used is all ‘same section’ 125 x 50mm that made the milling much more economical, and is laminated up into structural sections for the cross frames as required. This method of using timber also ties in with the forest management plan for the effective use of timber in the woodland that Invisible Studio manage as a resource around their studio, and from which our own Studio (Visible Studio) was also built.