How to 3D print your tiny house

New Ukrainian homebuilding startup PassivDom is using 3D printing to print parts for tiny houses, including walls, roof, and floor, all in around eight hours. Features such as plumbing and electrical systems are then added by real life humans.

The models are off-grid, use a hybrid solar energy system and can be place on any surface as well as relocated. The smallest model, modulONe, includes a living room studio, fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom (with lavatory and shower) and measures 3.8m x 4m x 9.6m. Other features include:

* Climate control: heat pump, floor heating, air conditioner, IR-absorbing low-emission windows
* Air quality system: HEPA filtration, antibacterial system, CO2 & humidity sensors and control, recuperation.
* Water: optional can be equipped with off-the-grid air-to-water system ( water condensation from air humidity).
* Sewage: optional can be equipped with greywater filter and autonomous septic systems.