Can the ‘tiny homes’ movement redefine holidays?

That's the question posed by Joanne O'Connor today in the Financial Times who visits Tiny Homes Holidays on the Isle of Wight (previously mentioned on The Micro Life here). Here's a snippet
Cynics might sniffily write the whole thing off as a middle-class version of caravanning, but once we’ve got our heads around the diminutive dimensions (Silva’s footprint is about 6 metres by 3.25 metres), we can start to appreciate the charm and ingenuity of the design... if you’ve tried glamping and are looking for a grown-up alternative that might just make you question the amount of baggage — literal and metaphorical — that we drag around with us when we travel, then a tiny house holiday could be for you.
 Well worth a read. It also mentions the fine work by Mark Burton at Tiny House UK.