UK’s biggest shipping container village opens for homeless people

As reported in The Big Issue (but virtually nowhere else), this week sees the opening of the UK’s largest temporary accommodation development which will provide 290 additional homes for people in Meath Court, Hope Gardens, Acton, before Christmas.

The development in Acton is the latest step to address emergency housing in London where14,400 households between April and June this year were considered homeless and 78,000 households were in temporary accommodation, up 7% compared to 2016.

The 60 apartment development includes communal space, onsite management office, laundry and refuse storage and will house young families and low-income people in need of immediate emergency accommodation. It was built in 24 weeks by property company QED and is made up of a kit of moveable and reusable parts of UK-produced shipping containers.

Ross Gilbert, Managing Director, of QED said:
“We are committed to playing our part in addressing the housing crisis. We need short, medium and long term solutions and Meath Court is a short term solution to emergency accommodation. Throughout the planning and public consultation of the development we have ensured that Meath Court provides emergency accommodation that has its own kitchen, bathroom and front door which is safe and secure, all features that many emergency accommodation solutions don’t provide."
Meath Court is the second joint venture between QED and Ealing Council following the opening of Marston Court in April.