Wikkelhouse: tiny home made out of recycled cardboard

The Wikkelhouse (from the Dutch for 'wrapping') comes from Amsterdam-based Fiction Factory and is made from virgin fiber paperboard, dozens of layers of recycled corrugated cardboard which are wrapped around special moulds. On top of this is a shell of wooden slats. It's strong, it's long-lasting, and it doesn't get soggy if it drizzles. There's a modular element too so it's easy to adjust the size - the smaller versions are targeted at the garden office market, but you can add more segments (each one is 5 m2) so that larger ones incorporate kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms for tiny living.

The company delivers to the UK as well as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, and Scandinavian. If you want to see one in the UK, there is a build at London Amber Lakes. The company only builds about 20 a year so there is a waiting list...

Wikkelhouse from Wikkelhouse on Vimeo.