Why we're falling for wooden houses

An interesting article in The Sunday Independent looks at the rise in interest in timber-built houses in Ireland and the recent news of the tiny house project proposals in Naas. Among those quoted is Vaidas Karpavicius of Loghouse and Colla McMahon of Tiny Homes Ireland. Here's a snippet from Colla:
"There are many benefits to having a 'tiny home'...low maintenance costs, energy efficiency, being customisable, environmentally friendly, fast construction, avoidance of planning permission application (in some cases), cheap cost of construction, and being aesthetically pleasing. They have many different possible returns on investment like renting or by being taken down and resold. A basic 'tiny home' model that is ready to live in would cost in the region of €23,500-€31,000.
"I think a certain mentality was also instilled in the Irish people over the Celtic Tiger period which was that a big house was meant to be a sign of prestige. The bigger the house, the bigger the sell-on value. I also remember that old Irish advertisement campaign with the slogan 'concrete homes are better-built homes'. I think this mentality somewhat stigmatised Tiny Homes before they even came to Ireland. However, I am optimistic of this mentality changing due to the evident long-term failures of some Celtic Tiger construction projects."
 Image: Tiny Homes Ireland