The 72 Hour Cabin

We reported on the buildup to The 72 Hour Cabin project last month in which five people with stressful jobs (including broadcaster Ben Fogle) lived in bespoke glass cabins and took part in various outdoor activities as well as living off grid. The results are now in and unsurprisingly they are pretty positive - all five showed a significant decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, and an increase in levels of well-being and creativity (full details here).

Co-leader of the project Walter Osika, Researcher in Stress and Associate Professor at Karolinska Institutet, said: "I am positively surprised by the results and it shows that a Swedish ‘close to nature’ lifestyle can improve people’s well-being, at least in a short run. We saw a 70 percent decrease of stress, which is considerable"

You can now also book one of the cabins to try it out for yourself at Visit Sweden.