Prefabs sprout: Tiny homes in the Financial Times

According to a short but interesting article in the Financial Times today, "micro homes are quick and cheap to construct but are not a solution for families". Its author Layli Foroudi talks to micro home dwellers, Lucian Smithers from Pocket, Polly Neate (Chief Executive of Shelter), Ular Mark (co-founder of Kodasema) and Mohammed Arif, Professor of Construction Futures at Wolverhampton University. Here's a snippet:
Texas-based Kasita is tackling this issue by looking for undiscovered lots of land in cities. The manufacturer of 32.7 sq metre microhomes, founded in 2015, is part of the “tiny house” trend, where titchy moveable boxes mushroom on roofs, in gardens, in between buildings, or on prairies. “We are tackling affordability not through cheap housing, but by fitting into the cracks in the system,” said chief executive Jeff Wilson.