Petition: Planning Permission Laws for Tiny Houses

Rebekah Greenhalgh has organised a petition at to 'Reassess UK Planning Permission Laws for Tiny Houses in response to the Housing Crisis!' At the time of writing it still needed around 2,000 more signatures to reach the 15,000 target (you can sign it via the link above). Here's the text.
In response to the current housing crisis, in which many are finding it impossible to get on the housing ladder or else are crippled by paying rent, there needs to be an alternative. And there is. Tiny homes, prefab eco homes and houses formed from converted structures such as busses and shipping containers are just a few of the ways UK families and individuals can have a place of their own without being weighed down by rent or a hefty mortgage. Issues arise, however, when one considers where to place such affordable structures. Residential land is just as unobtainable as regular housing, and the more affordable land comes with a plethora of obstacles (namely, planning permission & associated laws) should one wish to live on it. Unfortunately, it appears even if you own a plot of land and own a space to live, you cannot simply place your space on your plot and live happily ever after. It is precisely this inaccessibility to land that is stopping UK citizens from owning or building their own affordable houses, many of which are self-sustainable and much better for the environment as well. We are calling for parliament to recognise the need for a radical change in the housing system for a generation that has little hope of ever owning their own home otherwise. Please consider that the cost of an alternative home can be as little as £10k - less than is needed as a down-payment on a mortgage - and so, should councils begin to make land more accessible, including adapting planning permission laws, hope and (more importantly!) homes will be restored to many.
Image: Tiny House UK