Micro-home special report

An interesting new report from Which? asks the pertinent question, "are pint-sized apartments the future of property?" It's well worth reading the whole thing (it's not too long and nicely put together) but here are a few highlights:

* a ‘micro-property’ tends to refer to properties with a floor area under 37sqm (the minimum size for a studio under the government’s national Technical Housing Standards)

*  Nearly 8,000 new micro-homes were built in 2016

* Micro-property builds are especially popular in urban areas including Leicester, Liverpool, Cambridge and Bristol

Martin Skinner, chief executive of Inspired Homes, suggests younger buyers in particular tend to have lifestyles that suit smaller apartments, citing the ‘growth of the sharing economy and more possessions like music and film collections stored in the Cloud.’ He says that many of their PDR properties have opted for ‘flexible furniture solutions’ – including desks that transform into dining tables.
The Which? report also revealed the existence of a studio for sale in Brent that was a frankly unbelievable 8 sqm (smaller than a parking space, slightly bigger than a prison cell).