TrailHouse tiny homes

TrailHouse (motto: where less is more) is a tiny home mounted on a purpose-built galvanized trailer so offers mobile and standalone options for microliving. A deck option provides an outside dining and relaxation area. Here's what TrailHouse says about it:
The high build specification provides a totally livable environment on a minimal scale better than many modern houses and one that will retain it's value for many years. The unit can be towed to any suitable site with ease. These compact units provide an excellent separate dwelling for guests, an office, studio or a starter home for that teenager that needs the first step towards independence.
TrailHouse is run by husband and wife Tony and Diane Statham who come from a varied art background with craft skills such as carpentry and textiles. They were inspired to come up with the tiny house design when it was becoming increasingly obvious that many young people - including their daughters - were facing major problems affording a place of their own and were being shunted into increasingly expensive and low quality rented solutions.

Trailhouse has cedar cladding over a softwood frame with high specification insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling. The roof is made from agricultural coated steel panels and there are full double glazed units in the wooden windows. Interior are bespoke and use reclaimed materials wherever possible. The efficient stove is a paraffin marine stove made for small spaces, while water is connected by hose (a propane water heater provides hot water in the kitchen as well as the shower and also powers the two burner hob). Electricity is via by standard hook-up through a small 40 amp consumer unit. Tony and Diane are now using SIPS structural insulation panels for future projects.