The Fruit Store: Living in a tiny house

Gloucestershire-based  Tim Francis and Laura Hubbard-Miles run Rural Workshop and aim to "improve the quality of lives of people through intelligent, beautiful, architectural interventions".
They also live in the Fruit Store- a self-build conversion of a Victorian outbuilding into a family 'tiny house'. It is a 15 sq metre (160 sq ft) stone outhouse in which they and their three young children live.

In an excellent interview with the Guardian, they talk about why they went down this route and what it's like to live in their new space (with excellent additional photos). Here's a snippet:
In the past 12 months, they have insulated the walls and installed skylights, flooring, electricity and water. Tim’s design packs as much as possible into the limited space. The kitchen consists of a plug-in electric hob unit, a camping fridge and a sink, while the kitchen table unfolds from the wall, with packing crates for chairs. A mezzanine loft doubles as a playroom and bedroom where the two boys sleep on roll-out beds. Built-in benches turn into Laura and Tim’s bed, as well as providing storage for the boys’ toys. Each has one box in which to keep their most treasured items – mainly Lego and colouring pencils. Everything else is squeezed into wall-mounted cubby-holes and drawers upstairs.