Think tank recommends cutting floor space regulations for micro housing

Micro-homes could help younger Londoners move into the city centre, says the Adam Smith Institute which is also recommending that floor space requirements be scrapped for co-living units and micro-homes. However, it adds that they should still be “appropriately sized to be comfortable and functional for a tenant’s needs”.

The report's author Vera Kichanova also emphasises that micro-housing is only part of the solution for London and other UK cities and calls for a profound reform of housing regulation. In particular, she points out that getting approval for micro-housing schemes is difficult since local authorities remain sceptical about building houses in unconventional ways.
"Micro-housing is not the same as cramped sub-division of existing units, they are smart, modern, custom designed units that make good use of space which have won prestigious architectural awards. Micro-housing is often accompanied by communal amenities such as games rooms and open living spaces that …

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