George Clarke's Amazing Spaces

Just a reminder that the eminently watchable and microarchitectural Amazing Spaces series, which also features the work of stylist Jane Field-Lewis, is on again on Channel 4 (and you can catch up on back episodes online here). The latest builds included a fantastic renovation of a sewage works and a lovely treehouse rebuild by carpenter and cabinetmaker Jamie Hubbard (pictured above) which even has its own Twitter feed @TheIvyTreehouse
Iroko floorboards cover the joists and insulation.. we forgot to mention @TheIvyTreehouse is insulated. This is before insulating the walls and lining. — Jamie Hubbard (@jam73e) January 18, 2018This Thursday an airline enthusiast turns a jet cockpit into a summerhouse and the week after a double-decker bus is turned into a luxury mobile home.
If living in a sewage farm sounds like your worst nightmare, you haven’t watched this... — Channel 4 (@Channel4) January 22, 2018

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